Digitus Data Cabinets


19″ Cabinets

DIGITUS® cabinet solutions –

a wide range of possibilities for your requirements

Network cabinets, server cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets from DIGITUS® offer complete solutions for many requirements from the areas of cabling technology and the computing centre. Appealing design also offers the user attractively shaped solutions for the „eye”. Different dimensions and a wide range of accessories round off the delivery program.

The colour is created by powder coating. RAL 7035 and RAL 9005 are standard colours. The robust steel construction provides very good stability, a capacity of up to 1000kg can be reached with the appropriate construction. A minimum number of welded seams allows the cabinets to be completely dismantled in order to reach set-up locations which are difficult to reach. Simple dismantling of the front and back doors allows the stop to be chan-ged without any trouble so that the existing door can also be exchanged with other alternatives, double panelled, fullyglazed or perforated. The cabinets provided with ventilated roofs facilitate air circulation and can be easily and quickly extended by adding prefabricated, built-in air vane modules and thermostats for active ventilation. 19″ angular profiles installed at the back and front together with 3 to 4 pairs of deep struts allow extensive development with 19″ products and give the opportunity of a clearly extended load capacity.

Up to 3 options for the cable supply, protected by brush strips in the roof area, in the base and also at the back offer comfortable cable arrangement opportunities for many ranges of use. These are also extended by using cable ducts with front panels installed on the right and left hand side for cabinets with a width of 800mm.

Extensive accessories for the cable arrangement, storage, active ventilation and air extraction and also additional construction and extension parts help to meet the many requirements and uses in daily use.

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