KVM Overview

KVM Switches & Extenders

Local, Remote and Global Computer / Server Control Solutions From Adder Technology.
The Adder KVM range covers every computer control requirement, from the SOHO user wanting to control 2 PCs from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to the network manager who needs complete control of hundreds of servers in a data centre at a distant location. Adder KVM Switches are renowned as the most versatile and reliable on the market and have the added benefit of being manufactured in the UK,
so you are assured of the very best product information and technical support.
We also stock a complementary range of Competitively priced KVM switches from Digitus.

Products include:

Desktop Digitus and Adder KVM Switches (1 or 2 local users controlling 2 – 8 CPUs), Rack Mountable KVM Switches (up to 4 users, Local or Remote controlling 16 or more CPUs) IP KVM Switches (Up to 4 Users, Local, Remote or Global via IP controlling 16 or more CPUs), DVI KVM Switches, USB KVM Switches and KVM Line Extenders.

Brands: Adder Technologies, Digitus

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