Cables Overview

-This Overview is for PC, Power and Telecoms Cables – For Network Cabling, please see the Network Products Overview

PC Cables & Adapters

Fairline stock or manufacture a PC cables for virtually every computer requirement, both inside and outside the PC.
Our range includes cables for Networking, Printers, Modems, Monitors, Hard Disk Drives, USB Devices, Keyboards, Power, Adaptors, Converters and Extensions.
Most cables and adaptors are fully moulded for strength and durability and are individually packaged for resale. All cables carry a lifetime warranty.

Products include:

USB Cables, FireWire Cables, SATA Cables, VGA, SVGA and XGA Cables, DVI Cables, HDMI Cables, Display Port Cables,
Parallel and Serial Printer / Data Cables, Fibre Optic Cables and Extension Cables
as well as many adaptors for converting from one style or gender to another.

Brands: Digitus, LogiLink and Power Data.

Mains Power Products – UPS & Cables

Fairline stock a wide range of mains power products, from standard power leads (13 amp plug to IEC style socket) to sophisticated mains filtering, BPC UPS and back-up devices.
Our surge protected mains gang strips, designed to protect valuable equipment from mains spikes, are available at such an amazingly low price
that they can realistically be used where ever you need a standard mains distribution block, so you need never leave valuable or important equipment unprotected.

Products include:

13 Amp Mains Leads, Mains Extension Leads, European and US Mains Leads, Mains Distribution Strips, Wieland Power Products, Integrated Power and Data Products,
Surge Protection Strips, BPC Stand By UPS, In-Line UPS and Rack Mount UPS.

Brands: Digitus, BPC, Red/Grey and Power Data

Telecoms Cables & Accessories

With the convergence of Voice and Data Comms comes the need for Computer Network and Telephone Network installers to be able to source
both Computer and Telecoms products for their network infrastructures becomes ever more important.
You will find the Fairline range of competitively priced Telecoms Cables and Accessories is more than sufficient to cover most, if not all, of your Telecoms requirements.

Products Include:

Telephone Extension Cords, Telephone Double and Triple Adaptors, Modem Cables ADSL Cables, ADSL Micro Filters, US to BT Converters and Digital Phone Adaptors.

Brands: Red/Grey Phonapart and Excel

Fairline Distribution Ltd. The UK’s leading Wholesale Network Products and Computer Parts Distributor, specialising in PC Peripherals and PC Components, Computer Networking,
Computer Cabinets and File Server Cabinets, KVM Switches and Extenders Network Cable (including UTP Cat.5e and Cat. 6), AV Cables and Fibre Optic Cables.

Fairline Distribution Ltd.- Your No.1 PC Cable, Mains Cable, Power Cable and Telecoms Cable Supplier

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